Presenting the Jury of SPIFF 2022 competition of films, devoted to Women

Tanya de la Cruz (Spain)

Tanya as an actress has been under the direction of renowned film directors in Spain such as Jose Mari Goenaga, Juanma Bajo Ulloa, Sebastián Cordero and Antonio Hernandez. In theatre she has performed main parts in various theatre productions played in Spanish and in Basque, such as Like Water to Chocolate, and  Roman and Juliet, both on tour for several years in Spain. Television works include the Basque long-running series Goenkale, as well as Altsasu, the latter being a series based on the Court case about the Altsasu boys accused of terrorism in Spain. She is also a member of the Zinema Konpainia, a film company within the context of San Sebastian’s Elías Querejeta Film School, in the Basque Country. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Law, and is currently studying a Master’s degree on Human Rights, Globalisation and Democracy at the University of Barcelona, a field she is interested in exploring in film making.

Sheyda Kashi (Iran)

Sheyda (born in 1992 in Iran) started her artistic career by writing short stories. At 23 she graduated from the university of art. Sheyda decided to choose animation as a perfect and unique medium for making her stories.
Her first short and independent animation (Bystander) finished in 2017.»Bystander» has been selected in more than 40 international film festivals and won 7 prizes.
Her second animation (Irreversible) finished in January 2022. It was made with the financial support of «The Documentary and Experimental Film Center» — one of the most important supporters of young filmmakers in Iran.

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