Brief interview with David Oesch — the director of Human Resources of Ugago (Switzerland, 2019, East European Premier) to SPIFF World Cup of Genre Cinema.

Human Resources of Ugago won the diplomas for the Best actor, Best art direction and the Special mention in the competition of SCI-FI SPIFF World Cup of Genre Cinema 2020.

SPIFF: What is your most vivid movie memory? Why and when have you decided to become filmmaker?

DO: We both (with co-director Ennio Ruschetti) started making little movies from early on. Ennio made stop motion movies with his Lego toys and I filmed my friends dressed as Lord of the rings-characters running through the forest. We both met then at the Zurich Film School. We know a few things more since then about story or acting but the energy is the same.

SPIFF: At SPIFF, movies are divided by genre. What is your favorite and why?

DO: I personally think genres will mix more and more in the future. We see it with the amazing Oscar winner PARASITE. Which is a satire, drama, comedy.. sometimes even horror. The audience is ready for a lot of different emotions and tones in one movie. That’s why we tried out to mix a Sci-Fi movie with an Office Comedy concept.

SPIFF: How did you come up with the idea for your film Human Resources of Ugago?

DO: Our school wanted to test out motion capture technique and were looking for ideas. We wanted to animate something with robots which feels new. As a young intern I worked at a hip, swiss youth television channel and really never felt more isolated in an open office culture but a lot of others also loved it. I was twisted. We put all those feelings and questions in the movie.

SPIFF: Can you please list advantages and disadvantages of working on short films?

DO: In a short you can say a lot in little of time. Shorts are great for punchlines. For our story we would have never had the budget to make it longer. We think HR OF UGAGO would make a great feature where we could explore the characters and how the working place of the future looks like. But I think some ideas get through also when you only have 12 Minutes. It’s a good proof of concept.

SPIFF: Please, list your favourite directors and films. Why do you prefer them?

DO: We both adore Peter Jackson. He made funny trash movies (Braindead) and then made the biggest fantasy film of all time (Lord of the Rings) We love it when you experiment with crazy new technologies but never forget the heart of the story. John Carpenter’s The Thing is such a film as well.

SPIFF: What would you like to tell the audience of your film in Russia at SPIFF?

DO: Russia is a beautiful country with the most welcoming people and there is a big culture for cinema. We would love to be here with you and discuss our movie!

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