Brief interview with the director of Moon drops (Israel/Serbia, 2018, Russian Premier) Yoram Ever-Hadani to SPIFF World Cup of Genre Cinema.

Moon drops won the Audience choice Award, Award for the Best film, diplomas for the Best director, Best DOP and Best art direction in the competition of Romantic films SPIFF World Cup of Genre Cinema 2020.

SPIFF: What is your most vivid movie memory? Why and when have you decided to become filmmaker?

YEH: I’ve never decided to become a filmmaker. I prefer to describe myself is as a storyteller. I’ve written a novel and five children books and I direct commercials. So I see filmmaking as another storytelling tool. A great tool I would say, but another tool in the amazing world of storytelling.I remember the day I saw What’s Eating Glbert Grape of Lasse Hollstrom, I was amazed that real emotions can be transferred in such a truthful way. I loved the fact that the film had a combination of extreme (a retarded brother, an super obese mom) but remain so simple. I understood the stories I will want to tell when I grow up will be big stories about simple real people. And of course eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. I loved of course the look and the special effects but again characters were real, and trick of memory talked to me as human being. Without being trapped in memory I understood what the film was about.

SPIFF: At SPIFF, movies are divided by genre. What is your favorite and why?

YEH: I was really happy SPIFF put my film in the romantic films genre, not because it’s my favorite genre but because my film is considered so many times as SCI-FI (especially after we won the biggest awards at the comic-con) and truly sci-fi doesn’t talk to me that much. I guess I like drama and comedy. Whatever brings out emotions. My commercials reel is mostly comedy. And cars. Said I didn’t like Sci-Fi ? I love Star Wars, so go figure. (:

SPIFF: How did you come up with the idea for your film Moon drops?

YEH: I believe words are barrier to real communication and I wanted to make a movie with no words about really simple people. To find some real moments of communication. So I chose silent and small people and met them with the huge power of the moon (the most magical element in our daily life.)

SPIFF: Can you please list advantages and disadvantages of working on short films?

YEH: Being a commercials director, who does mostly 30 to 60 seconds, 16 min is nearly a feature for me (: so it’s not short at all. Apart from that , after hundreds commercials it’s my first film. So I thought the wise thing is to be modest and not jump to a feature. BTW if you have lots of money and you really want to make the new award winning short, I have the script ready. Truly. About shorts: Short is condensed. Story is focused. You need to clean layers and noises. You can’t go to side pathways. That’s the advantage AND the disadvantage.

SPIFF: Please, list your favourite directors and films. Why do you prefer them?

YEH: It’s tricky there are so many. But I would put it this way: I Prefer Cohen Brothers over Tarantino, could watch Fargo again and again. I Love Chaplin (you can see that in Moon Drops), City Lights will always be a basic masterpiece of human emotion. Loved Stand by me, Good Fellas. 1917. The Joker. Erin Brockovich. Jojo Rabbit. Rain man. The Truman show. And as I said Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. And I love love love TV but you haven’t asked about it (:

SPIFF: What would you like to tell the audience of your film in Russia at SPIFF?

YEH: I guess I will talk a lot, but what I should say is: Moon Drops in a non-dialogue fairy tale, Enjoy the Silence.

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