Brief interview with the director of À jamais, pour toujours (Canada, 2018, East European Premier) Louis St-Pierre to SPIFF World Cup of Genre Cinema.

À jamais, pour toujours received the Special mention in the competition of Romantic films SPIFF World Cup of Genre Cinema 2020.

SPIFF: What is your most vivid movie memory? Why and when have you decided to become filmmaker?

LSP: Seeing Paul Thomas Anderson’s «Magnolia» for the first time changed how I understood the impact a film could have on a person’s emotional state. The capacity of film to deeply affect us made me want to write movies. To this day, that’s still what I’m trying to do with my work — get people to think and be entertained.

SPIFF: At SPIFF, movies are divided by genre. What is your favorite and why?

LSP: I personally don’t have a favorite genre. Mostly, I focus on what a film is trying to say. Sometimes a message can only be told with a comedy, sometimes with horror, and I love them both, as long as there’s something real being told underneath. »Genre» is just the packaging.

SPIFF: How did you come up with the idea for your film À jamais, pour toujours?

LSP: I wanted to tell a story about opposing views regarding what is «freedom». Capturing different philosophies and casting them into a lover’s relationship seemed like the most appropriate way to explore this theme and so the film naturally evolved into a romantic comedy. From there, I just followed the characters.

SPIFF: Can you please list advantages and disadvantages of working on short films?

LSP: I think shorts are the perfect format to capture simple concise ideas. They’re great because they don’t require enormous resources, which is ideal for any filmmaker starting out. They give us the chance to try some more experimental techniques and practice our craft. The biggest disadvantage of short films is that they’re limited in scope but that forces us to take hard decisions sometimes, to focus on what’s essential, which can also be a plus. Really, what’s not to love about shorts?

SPIFF: Please, list your favourite directors and films. Why do you prefer them?

LSP: Two of my absolute favorite directors right now are Carla Simon and Yorgos Lanthimos.Carla Simon because her latest film «Summer 1993» devastated me emotionally. Her capacity to capture true feelings on film is simply magical. As for Yorgos Lanthimos, his work is a masterclass in applying a logical, philosophical argument to structure a film’s universe. While their movies are entirely different in tone and genre, I believe they both bring something essential to filmmaking.

SPIFF: What would you like to tell the audience of your film in Russia at SPIFF?

LSP: Enjoy! Follow our projects on Facebook/Instagram and let us know what you thought of the film!

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