Brief interview with the director of The Robbery (Spain, 2017, Russian Premier) Alfonso Díaz to SPIFF World Cup of Genre Cinema.

The Robbery won Jury award for the Best DOP in the competition of Comedy SPIFF World Cup of Genre Cinema.

SPIFF: What is your most vivid movie memory? Why and when have you decided to become filmmaker?

AD: I think is the Animated Feature of Disney, Fantasia. This was something magical, experimental in this movie and was the first thing I saw different. This is a feeling, so I’m not sure 100 per cent. I think I was 14 years old or so is when I decided to become filmmaker, the digital films was something new in the magazines of cinema and I thought that was an opportunity for the future of making cinema for myself, too. I always loved to write since teenager and I went to the cult theater in Madrid with my father, I saw many great films in original version with Spanish subtitles and some short films, that’s when I decided to study cinema, before I finish high school. But I did start studying cinema at 18 or 19 years old.

SPIFF: At SPIFF movies are divided by genres. What is your favorite genre and why?

AD: That’s a tough one! I always love mixing drama with comedy, even also with thriller. But I also enjoy science fiction as well.

SPIFF: How did you come up with the idea for your film «The Robbery»?

AD: The robbery is a screenplay of Santiago Pajares, a friend of mine. I was searching a screenplay for directing and producing, that idea was my number one option after reading some texts, so I decided to work together with him.

SPIFF: Could you please list advantages and disadvantages of working on short films?

AD: Advantages: Freedom, Passion, Work with talented people, maybe an ephemeral success that is always very nice, maybe a door for a bigger project…Disadvantages: Producing short films are always a high risk option in economic terms. Only some lucky ones receives enough economic awards in order to amortize all the expenses (I am talking about a professional production with salaries).

SPIFF: Please, list your favorite directors and films. Why do you prefer them?

AD: I love Paul Thomas Anderson, especially Magnolia and There Will Be Blood. Also Buñuel, films like The Exterminating Angel or Viridiana. Lars von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark and Melancholia. Aronofsky’s Requiem from a Dream and Pi. The white ribbon, Love. Almodovar’s All about my mother and Talk to Her. Bergman’s Persona and The Virgin Spring. Ettore Scola’s A Special Day. Thomas Vinterberg ‘s The Hunt and Celebration. Jacques Audiard’s A Prophet. Recently I loved Ruben Östlund’s The Square, and Force Majeure. Also Sebastán Lelio, A Fantastic Woman. And finally two animated films: Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles (Salvador Simó) and The Song of the Sea (Tom Moore). Opening Night, from Cassavete.

SPIFF: What would you like to tell the audience in Russia at SPIFF?

AD: Thanks to the audience for coming to the event and also to the Festival for helping me to spread my voice! Enjoy the festival!

This short film talk about solidarity, and how to confront situations with humanity. Also is a criticism of the system and how our life can change in order to survive the adversities. But said all this, this is a Comedy!!

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