Brief interview with the winner of Audience choice award in the competition of Comedy SPIFF World Cup of Genre Cinema Giorgio Arcelli.

Brief interview with the director of American marriage (USA, 2018, Russian Premier) Giorgio Arcelli to SPIFF World Cup of Genre Cinema.American marriage won Audience choice award in the competition of Comedy SPIFF World Cup of Genre Cinema.

SPIFF: What is your most vivid movie memory? Why and when have you decided to become filmmaker?

GA: I always liked to paint and to write. Cinema unifies images and words. Once, in highs school they asked us to deliver a project on Christianity so we decided to make a little video about Jesus being born in the year 2000. I was playing Lazarus.

SPIFF: At SPIFF movies are divided by genres. What is your favorite genre and why?

GA: What I call “Smart Comedies”. Movies like “the big sick”, “Ladybird”, “Tev Aviv on Fire”, “The Farewell”

SPIFF: How did you come up with the idea for your film «American Marriage»?

GA: Every year many fellow Italians struggle to renew their visa to stay in the US. The film is inspired by their stories.

SPIFF: Could you please list advantages and disadvantages of working on short films?

GA: In a short film you are more free, you can improvise things and be more yourself. But on a feature film you have more time and you can dedicate more attention to every shot, not rushing it like in the short film.

SPIFF: Please, list your favorite directors and films. Why do you prefer them?

GA: Woody Allen on top of the list. He is ironic in a always a smart way. My favorite of his films is Annie’s Hall. I also really like Sacha Baron Cohen and his extreme comedy, like in Borat and The dictator. But I also love more quiet films like James Ivory’s Room With a View.

SPIFF: How did the cooperation between you and James Ivory on your film started?

GA: I showed him my first feature film “Part Time Princess”. He liked it and decided to help on American Marriage, that we are now developing into a feature film.

SPIFF: What would you like to tell the audience before the first screening of your film in Russia at SPIFF?

GA: Think of this as a film about Immigration that relates to all of us, and think how this story could be changed into a Russian story. Would it be possible? If so, write me!

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