We are announcing the Jury of the SPIFF Competition of films devoted to Women 2019

Anja Kreis

2005 — 2010 Anja Kreis studied German language and literature at the Ivanovo State University, Russia. After graduation Anja went to Germany, where she did the voluntary social year at a school for children with disabilities, 2011 she entered the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Anja studied film and fine arts at Academy of Media Art Cologne (KHM) until 2016.

Her graduation film «Scythe hitting stone» had his premiere in the competition of the Transilvania IFF 2018 and won Special Jury Award. Anja was also the recipient of the 
Grand Prix du Jury (Festival Univercine Nantes, France, 2019), Grand Prix des longes metrages (Poitiers Film Festival, 2018), Prix Francois-Chalais Meilleur Scenario (Festival du Cinema russe a Honfleur, 2017), Prix de la region Normandie Meilleur Debut (Festival du Cinema russe a Honfleur, 2017) and Grand Prix (Russian Filmfestival of Debut “Motion”)

With Alisa Berger and Yana Ugrekhelidze Anja founded 2019 production company FORTIS FEM FILM. From January 2019, FORTIS FEM FILM receive a scholarship of the MedienGründerZentrum NRW. Their goal is to increase the presence of women in film business — in front of and behind the camera. They focus on short and long feature, documentary and animated films that deal explicitly with various women’s issues.

Tanya de la Cruz

Born in Colombia, Tanya grew up in Guildford where she began exploring acting in St. Catherine’s Drama Studio. She then went on studying acting at the XXI Drama Studio in Bogota, Colombia; in Viento Sur Teatro in Seville, Spain; and later on with Acting Coach Bernard Hiller in Los Angeles, USA, as well as in other intensive training courses taken in Madrid, Rome and London.Tanya has been part of various television series, soap operas, short films, long feature films and theater productions in Spain and Colombia. One of her most relevant work in television include the Basque long-running series Goenkale, in which she took part for three years until it ended in 2015. In film Tanya has been under the direction of Jose Mari Goenaga (Sintonía, 2005; In 80 days, 2008; Renewable, 2016); Juanma Bajo Ulloa (Fragile, 2003); Sebastián Cordero (Rage, 2007); JonGaraño (On the Line, 2006); Aizpea Goenaga (Kitchen Stories, 2009); Sergio Barrejón (Half as Bad, 2010); Antonio Hernandez (Killing Time, 2015); and Lander Camarero (Our Old Man and the Sea, 2016).She acquired a very solid experience in theater at the XXI Drama Studio Chamber Theater Company in Colombia, performing in a wide range of plays written by modern and contemporary theater playwrights such as William Shakespeare, Molière, August Strindberg, Eugene Ionesco and Harold Pinter, among others. Other works in Theater Productions include Women in Bright Red by Edurne Rodriguez, to be played in Spanish and Basque and produced by Agerre Teatroa, on tour for two years in Spain. She also played Tita in Ados Teatroa’s theater adaptation of Laura Esquivel’s novel and screenplay Like Water to Chocolate, also on tour in Spain during three years. Her performance received very positive reviews.Other productions in which she has taken part are La Ronda (2007) by Arthur Schnitzler, at the Teatro Bellas Artes in Madrid; Tutto il Mondo è Palcoscenico (2008) played in Rome, Italy, at the Teatro dell’Angelo and at the Isola del Cinema; No me hagas daño (2010) produced by Tanttaka Teatroa and played on tour in major theaters in Spain; and most recently Roman and Juliet, presently on tour, a play based on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. She plays the part of Juliet.As Tanya continues taking part in a variety of creative acting projects, she also enjoys other disciplines, such as Screenwriting, developed at the London Film Academy. She loves tap dancing and performs in Errenteria Music School’s events under the direction of choreographer Larraitz Ugartemendia. She is also studying Law at the University of The Basque Country, being this an areaof great interest to her, as it allows her to explore social aspects she wants to exploit in the creation of her characters and in film making. Tanya has been awarded as Best actress for her role in Renewable at the 14th Tarazona y el Moncayo Comedy film festival, as well as at the Amurrio Begibistan Film Festival (2017); also for Half as Bad at the AIFF (2011) and Valpolicella’s International Film Festival (2012) in Italy; in Spain for Sintonía at Badalona (2006) and Zinebi’s International Film Festivals (2005). She has also been awarded as Best Basque Actress at the Begibistan Shortfilm Festival for her role in Alimañas, (2008).

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